Device Diagnostics


When your app is actively used in real world conditions, you rely on the usersโ€™ phones and tablets to be working properly, but things can easily go wrong with real devices in the field. Settings can be misconfigured, storage space can run out, data coverage can be unreliable, to mention a few typical issues.

In lieu of full-scale mobile device management, it is useful to have lightweight diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures to ensure that devices are working properly. JourneyApps' device diagnostics check a few of the critical device conditions, with visual cues and standard error codes.

The diagnostics can be accessed in the mobile app by selecting "Diagnostics" from the hamburger menu.

Error Codes


Error CodeDescription


Network seems to be working, and the application can connect to JourneyApps.


Data is not enabled on the device. Enable it in the device's network settings.


No network is available. Check that the device has airtime, has network coverage, and is not in airplane mode. If the device has not been used for a few weeks, also check that the SIM card is still active by making a call.


It looks like a network connection is available, but the device is unable to connect to a public server such as Google. Check that the device has airtime and data coverage.


The device's internet connection seems to be working but cannot connect to the JourneyApps Backend. There may be a temporary network error on the MNO, the data center where JourneyApps is hosted may have temporary network issues or there might be a problem on the JourneyApps Backend. Please contact JourneyApps Support.


A technical error occurred on the JourneyApps servers. Please contact JourneyApps Support.


Authentication failed. Please ask the user to leave the app (via the menu options under Diagnostics) and then sign in (or enroll) again.


The device's date & time differs by more than 5 minutes from the server. Check that the device's date & time is correct, as well as the timezone. If it still gives the same error, check again, and make sure you know what exactly the current time is.


Network SSL error. Could be due to low signal, or because the device's date or time is incorrect.


An unknown error occurred during a network test. Please contact JourneyApps Support.


Error CodeDescription


The device has enough free space to operate.


The upload queue size is larger than 10 MB. Recommendation is to connect the device to the internet, leave the app running in the foreground, and wait until it finishes uploading the data.


Error CodeDescription


GPS is enabled.


GPS is disabled, or the device is unable to get a GPS lock. Check that GPS is enabled in the device's location settings.


User denied the request for Geolocation


Location information is unavailable.


The request to get location timed out.


GPS is not supported on desktop

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