The following journey properties are available and are described in more detail in the table below or in their corresponding subsections.



See the journey.config subsection.


See the journey.container subsection.


See the journey.device subsection.


See the journey.diagnostics subsection.


See the journey.dialog subsection.


Returns an object containing information about the deployment and backend that a user is currently enrolled in. Included fields:

  • appName: The name of the app.

  • url: The URL of the JourneyApps Backend.

  • region (au | eu | us): The region code of the user's deployment.

  • deploymentName: The name of the user's deployment.

  • deploymentEnvironment (testing | staging | production): The environment of the user's deployment.

  • testing (true | false): Flag indicating that the user is enrolled in a testing deployment.

  • lastDeployedAt: Timestamp of the last deploy to the user's deployment.

Note: journey.env was introduced in version 4.85.6 of the JourneyApps Runtime.



"appName":"Snag List",



"deploymentName":"Snag List - Testing",




See the journey.files subsection.


See the journey.hardware subsection


Programmatically forces the user leave the app. It has the same effect as the user manually leaving the app from the context menu.

Note: journey.leaveApp was introduced in version 4.75.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime.

journey.leaveApp({keepData: true}) This forces the user to leave the app. If the keepData parameter is set to true, application data will remain on the device. If set to false application data will be removed.


The code of the current language the user has selected.

var locale = journey.locale; if (locale == 'en_US') { dialog("Welcome, English (US) user"); }


Can be used in the debug console to enable/disable more detailed performance profiling, such as logging all queries and digest cycles together with their duration.

Note: journey.profiling was introduced in version 4.85.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime and is automatically enabled for debug builds of Desktop containers.


// Enables profiling. Use disable() to disable profiling again.


See the journey.runtime subsection.


See the journey.sensors subsection.

server (Deprecated)

The URL of the JourneyApps Backend the user is enrolled in.

Note: journey.server was deprecated in version 4.85.6 of the JourneyApps Runtime. Please use journey.env instead (see above).


Method to force the app to synchronize data to and from the JourneyApps backend.


Method to get or set the current theme. Valid values include light (default) and dark.

Note: journey.theme was introduced in version 4.37.0 of the JourneyApps Container.

var theme = journey.theme; // Gets the current theme journey.theme = 'dark'; // Sets a new theme


See the journey.viewStack subsection.

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