Delete a Single Object

This function deletes a single existing object of the given type and with the given ID.

Relative URLHTTP Request Method



  • Replace model with the type of object that you wish to delete (as defined in your app's Data Model)

  • Replace object-id with the ID of the specific object.


This function does not take any parameters.

For deleting more than one object in a request, refer to the Batch Operations section.


This function does not provide a response. The response body will simply be empty (and a 200 response code indicates success as usual).



The below examples contain a BASE-URL placeholder. Please refer to the HTTP Endpoints section to get the base URL relevant to your deployment.

DELETE BASE-URL/api/v4/533bda53027894f69b001055/objects/tasks/eacb4836-f1b9-11e1-9750-001cc01904e3.json

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