Data Synchronization Priority

The JourneyApps Container has fixed logic that determines when it connects to the JourneyApps Backend to download updates, upload and download app data and attachments. This document explains this logic.

Firstly, under normal operation, the container will synchronize data with the following priorities:

PriorityWhat is SynchedNotes


Application data Upload

Does not include attachments


Application Updates

Application updates are pushed to the device from the Backend.


Application data Download

Does not include attachments


Attachment Upload

See note on attachment downloads below

Attachments are downloaded on demand when using a display-file component, and do not form part of the standard data synchronization queue listed above.

Data synchronization can be triggered in the following ways:

  1. On app start-up

  2. The user clicks on the Sync button in the container.

  3. Data is changed in the app. This skips the app update check.

  4. If data has not been synchronized in the last 60 seconds, the container will trigger a sync on a view transition.

Background Data Sync

Data can be synced in the background but limitations may apply on some platforms. It's best to keep the app open when you are uploading large amounts of data (for example attachments) through the app.

Windows-specific Logic

On the JourneyApps Container for Windows, the container also checks for updates to the container itself. This is prioritized above application updates.

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