Version Compatibility
object-repeat was introduced in version 4.21.0 of the JourneyApps Container.
Alpha Feature
object-repeat is currently in alpha status. There are some known issues:
  • Performance is slow, especially when used with OnlineDB.
  • Nesting object-repeat inside another object-repeat does not work as expected.
  • It is not possible to use an advanced query inside a nested object-table or object-list (e.g. sorting, or anything other than a direct has-many relationship on the object).
Issues that have been fixed:
  • The data inside the object-repeat does not always reload properly when changed (e.g. after a sync). This was fixed in version 4.27 of the JourneyApps Container.


<object-repeat query="myquery" as="item">
<button label="Read" on-press="$ = true" />
The collection to loop over. (The same as, e.g., object-table) A view variable of type query: or array:
variable name to be used for the repeating object


object-repeat creates a new “virtual scope” used for nested components. This specifically includes the current object, under the name specified in the as attribute. This is relevant for:
  1. 1.
    Shorthand expressions.
  2. 2.
    Parameters passed to JS functions.


Most components are allowed to be nested, with some specific exceptions:
  • columns/column
  • sidebar
Please note:
  • Nested object-repeat s are allowed, but do not currently function correctly.

More detailed example

<var name="mytext" type="text" />
<var name="myquery" type="query:item" />
<object-repeat query="myquery" as="item">
<!-- View variables can be referenced in shorthand expressions,
as well as `item`. -->
<heading>{mytext}: {item.title}</heading>
<action on-press="myfunction(mytext, item)" />
<!-- `item` can be used in JS expressions. However, view variables need view. -->
<button label="Read" on-press="$:myfunction(view.mytext, item)" />

Performance notes

  • Due to its complexity, object-repeat does not offer the same performance and speed than object-list and object-table. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the number of objects in your collection < 20, and never more than around 50.
  • object-repeat is currently very slow when used with OnlineDB - the user will see items loading one by one. As a workaround, always use object-repeat with an array and not a query when using OnlineDB.
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