This section hosts basic app items. The items donโ€™t necessarily form part of the userโ€™s workflow and will probably be used less often than items in other sections. Examples include Log out, Toggle theme, etc. Several items in this section are specified by the JourneyApps Runtime, e.g. Messages, About.

Basic Example

Standard Attributes


Advanced Attributes


<general-section items="$:buildGeneralItems()/>

Build general section items from JS, using a function that returns an array of component.navigationGeneralSectionItem objects. The function is specified using the from-js="$:function()" attribute.

Items can be given an id using id="itemId".

An item can have an on-press attribute defined, which is a function executed when the item is pressed.

Items built using the items attribute will be prepended to the items specified in XML.

<!-- XML -->
<general-section items="$:buildGeneralItems()">
    <!-- other items here -->
// JS
function buildGeneralItems() {
    // Logic here
    return [
            label: "Log out",
            icon: "fa-sign-out-alt",
            onPress: function() {

show-if and hide-if


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