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JourneyApps offers the ability to create custom-branded versions of the JourneyApps container for iOS, Android and Windows. This means that you can create versions of the standard JourneyApps container with your company's name and icon, whilst under the hood the container works exactly the same as the standard JourneyApps container from the Play Store or App Store.
A hypothetical example of a custom-branded container is shown below:
A custom-branded application
You can link a custom-branded container to any JourneyApps application. Each custom-branded container is sandboxed on your device and can have its own user enrollment and data. This means that you can have multiple custom-branded containers installed on the same device at the same time. If you are building a variety of demos for your customers, you can keep them all installed and enrolled on your demo device and switch between them as needed.

Limitations: Android versus iOS

Due to Android's open policies, it is very easy to create and distribute custom-branded container apps through the Play Store or through any other means (for example, making the APK install file available at a URL or distributing it through a Mobile Device Management system).
On iOS, however, custom-branded app containers are subject to Apple's strict guidelines. For a custom-branded iOS container, Apple requires you to have an Apple Enterprise Developer or Apple Business Manager account. Furthermore, the app would have to be published through the App Store (and therefore be subject to Apple's strict review guidelines) and you will need to obtain an iOS distribution certificate to distribute it to your users. We will be happy to guide you through this process - please see below which information we need from you to get started.

How to request a custom-branded container

Custom-branded containers have to be built by the JourneyApps team. Please contact JourneyApps Support, requesting that we build a custom-branded JourneyApps container for you. There are no additional charges for this service.
Please include the following information when requesting a custom-branded container:
  1. 1.
    A high-resolution version of the app icon - see below for details.
  2. 2.
    A launch screen image - see below for details.
  3. 3.
    Name of the app
  4. 4.
    (iOS specific) iOS requires some additional steps to have the container signed with a distribution certificate. There is more information included below.

App Icon

Please see below for the requirements for the app icon:
  • A 1024x1024 pixel icon in PNG format
  • Please note that the app icon should have no alpha channel

Launch Screen Image

Android limitation
As of container version 22.9.1, Android no longer supports custom launch screen images. This is in accordance with requirements that Android 12 introduced.
The launch screen on Android will show the app icon in a centered position, surrounded by a solid background color. The background color should be specified by providing a 2208x2208 pixel image in PNG format containing a solid color.
Please see below for the requirements for the launch screen image:
  • A 2208x2208 pixel image in PNG format
  • The launch image typically consists of your company’s full logo (and slogan) on a solid color background. The logo is positioned in the center of the image and is ideally 745 pixels wide.
  • Please note that the launch screen should have no alpha channel.

iOS-specific Requirements

For iOS custom-branded containers, we need to work with someone on your Apple Developer team that can help get your custom-branded iOS container signed with a distribution certificate. As a start, please let us know if you have an Apple Enterprise Developer or Apple Business Manager account.
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