Custom Branding


JourneyApps offers the ability to create custom-branded versions of the JourneyApps container for iOS, Android, RealWear, Windows and macOS. This means that you can create versions of the standard JourneyApps container with your company's name and icon, whilst under the hood the container works exactly the same as the standard JourneyApps container from the Play Store or App Store.

A hypothetical example of a custom-branded container is shown below:

You can link a custom-branded container to any JourneyApps application. Each custom-branded container is sandboxed on your device and can have its own user enrollment and data. This means that you can have multiple custom-branded containers installed on the same device at the same time. If you are building a variety of demos for your customers, you can keep them all installed and enrolled on your demo device and switch between them as needed.


Apple has strict requirements for containers distributed to iOS devices. Please see:

How to create a custom-branded container

Custom-branded containers for an app can be created in OXIDE. Please see:

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