Manage External Dependencies
OXIDE comes with built in package management for external dependencies.

Add dependencies from the UI

When you expand a CloudCode task or App package (in TS apps), you are presented with a dependencies node:
If you right-click on this node, you can fire the Add node package command which will prompt you with an NPM search box:
From here you can search for any NPM package and selecting one will start the process of adding it and updating the lock files behind the scenes. When the process is complete, you will see a notification:
And will then see the newly added package:

Add / update dependencies using the package.json

If you are more experienced with the node eco-system, you can edit the package.json directly.
Prerequisite: Make sure you have the Show configuration files setting enabled:
Navigate to the task package.json file (this can also be accomplished using the open file action or the command palette file search).
Locate the dependencies section, if the section does not exist, it will be available via autocomplete:
Make the necessary edits and then run the update yarn command by right clicking on the task directly:
Tip: you can also fire this command directly from the command palette:
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Add dependencies from the UI
Add / update dependencies using the package.json