Sort Results

This parameter allows you to specify the order in which objects of a particular type are retrieved.

Relative URLHTTP Request Method



  • Replace model with the type of object that you wish to retrieve (as defined in your app's Data Model), for example person, job or asset.

  • Replace field with the desired field name.

  • Replace direction with a value defined below.


Sort criteria are specified as a URL-encoded sort hash. Valid keys for this hash are the names of the fields in that model. Sort directions can be expressed in JavaScript style: 1 or -1 - or human-readable: asc, ASC, desc or DESC


The response will contain a list of objects sorted by the specified field. The format of the objects is the same as for listing all objects (please refer to the Retrieve all Objects section).



The below examples contain a BASE-URL placeholder. Please refer to the HTTP Endpoints section to get the base URL relevant to your deployment.

Sort order - human readable:

GET BASE-URL/api/v4/533bda53027894f69b001055/objects/tasks.json?sort[updated_at]=desc

Sort order - JavaScript style:

GET BASE-URL/api/v4/533bda53027894f69b001055/objects/tasks.json?sort[updated_at]=-1

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