OXIDE Overview

OXIDE is the IDE that allows you to develop JourneyApps applications. It is 100% browser-based, meaning that you can access your code and build apps from any computer with an internet connected - no installation or dev setup required.

Supported platforms

OXIDE is currently supported on recent versions of Google Chrome. It is fully supported on Windows and MacOS, and may generally also run on Linux.

Accessing OXIDE

OXIDE can be accessed by singing in with JourneyApps account at https://oxide.journeyapps.com/. If you don't yet have an account you can sign up for a free JourneyApps trial here.

Simple vs Advanced mode

OXIDE supports two user modes, Simple and Advanced, where Advanced mode provides the developer additional configuration and functionality.

Examples of additional functionality in Advanced mode:

  • You can manage the trays in your workspaces, collapse and expand them, add and remove panels, even add additional trays.

  • You can have more than 2 editor panes open at any time.

To switch modes, simply access your Profile settings in the toolbar on the top right corner and select "Switch to advanced IDE mode" or "Switch to simple IDE mode", or find these via the Command Palette (ctrl+shift+p on Windows or cmd+shift+p on MacOS).

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