A filter can be enabled on a column to allow filtering of data in that column.

Enabling filters on a column level

Make use of the filter field to enable it for a specific column.

<object-table ... >
    <column heading="Last Name" filter="true">{last_name}</column>

Enabling filters on a table level

Filters can be enabled for all columns using the default-filter attribute on the object-table.

<object-table ... default-filter="true">

Filter types

Depending on the type of data in the column, different types of filters will appear to cater for that type of data. For example, date fields will show date filters, and text fields will show text filters.

Exposing table data

It is possible to access filtered table data. These methods are available in the controls context of the object-table. See the Exposing data section in the guide for object-table controls for details.

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