scan-barcode launches the barcode scanner which opens a camera view with which app users can scan codes.

Version and device compatibility

  • scan-barcode is supported in all versions of the JourneyApps Container and Runtime.

  • It is supported on Android and iOS devices.

  • It received several visual and functional updates in version 4.80.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime.

Programmatically trigger the barcode scanner

The barcode scanner can be triggered programmatically using journey.hardware.scanBarcode(). See more details here.

Basic Example

<var name="product_barcode" type="text" />

<scan-barcode bind="product_barcode" label="Scan the Product's Barcode" />

Standard Attributes




Advanced Attributes


Version compatibility

align-content was introduced in version 4.81.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime.




Type: boolean

Default: true

Version compatibility

allow-manual-entry was introduced in version 4.81.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime.

On unsupported devices, a text input dialog will display for users to manually enter the data. This dialog can be skipped by setting allow-manual-entry to false.



Type: string- can be a named color or #HEX value

Default: primary

The main color of the scan-barcode button: Background color of a solid button; border and text color of an outline button.

Button text color

When using named colors (i.e. primary, secondary, positive, negative, etc) the corresponding named _text color will be used as the button's text color.

For example, this button:

<button label="My button" color="secondary" on-press="$:doSomething()"/>

Will use the theme's secondary_text named color for the button text.

When using a #HEX value, a high contrasting color will automatically be selected for the button's text color.

To override the button's text color, set the text-color attribute.

<scan-barcode label="Scan QR code" color="$:getColor()" />
function getColor() {
    return "#ffab00";




Type: string (static text, a format string or the return value of a JS/TS function)

Default: unset

When the disabled attribute is set to true the component will display the bound state and direct interactions blocked. The component will appear greyed-out. A message will display indicating the message specified.



Type: EAN_2, EAN_5

Comma-separated list of barcode type extensions.

Platform compatibility

extensions are currently only supported on Android.

<var name="product" type="text"/>

<scan-barcode bind="product" extensions="EAN_2,EAN_5" />



Type: string

Default: Barcode Scanner Icon

Version compatibility

icon was introduced in version 4.81.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime.

The icon to display on the button, it will be placed on the left of the label by default. The icon can be a Font Awesome icon, an Ionicons icon or an icon or image asset.



Type: string

Default: the component's text-color

Specify the color of the button's icon. The icon-color attribute can be a named text-color or #HEX value.

When using icon-color with image assets, a color mask will be applied to the icon will remove any color variation in the image.




Version compatibility

label-case was introduced in version 4.81.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime.


on-change and on-scan

on-scan is functionally similar to on-change, however only the current $value is being passed as an event parameter.



Type: string

Default: unset

Prompt text to display on the barcode scanning screen. Message will also display on the manual fallback dialog.

show-if and hide-if



Type: solid | outline

Default: solid

The scan-barcode button style conveys importance of a button to the user, and can be set to solid or outline.

<scan-barcode label="Scan the Product's Barcode" style="outline"  />


Version compatibility

text-color was introduced in version 4.81.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime.


Type: string - can be a named color or #HEX value

Default: If the button's color is a named color, its text color defaults to the _text counterpart of the named color. If the button's color is a #HEX value, its text color defaults to a high contrasting color.

Specify the color of the scan-barcode button's label.

<scan-barcode label="Scan the Product's Barcode" text-color="#ffff00" />



Comma-separated list of barcode types to attempt to scan.

<var name="product_code" type="text"/>

<scan-barcode bind="product_code" types="QR_CODE,UPC_A,UPC_E" />

scan-barcode on RealWear devices

By default scan-barcode will open JourneyApps' built-in barcode scanner on RealWear devices. With container version 22.7.2 or greater, it is possible to launch RealWear's native barcode scanner for certain barcode types (which comes with improved UI and voice control). This can be achieved by limiting the list of types to types that are supported by RealWear's barcode scanner. Supported types are:

  • CODE_128

  • EAN_8

  • EAN_13

  • UPC_A



Supported Barcode Formats

Component Methods

The following component methods are available when an id is assigned to the component and component.scanBarcode({id:'my-id'}) is called from JS/TS:


Programmatically opens the barcode scanner to allow the user to capture a barcode bound to the scan-barcode component.


Programmatically scroll until the scan-barcode component is visible in the view.

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