Special Requirements for iOS Containers

When distributing apps to iOS devices, custom-branded app containers are subject to Apple's strict guidelines. For a custom-branded iOS container, Apple requires you to have an Apple Business Manager account. Furthermore, the app would have to be published through the App Store (and therefore be subject to Apple's strict review guidelines) and you will need to obtain an iOS distribution certificate to distribute it to your users.

What follows are instructions to create an identifier (Bundle ID), distribution certificate and provisioning profile using your Apple Developer account, which you'll need to create a signed iOS container that can be distributed to your end users.

Create an Identifier (Bundle ID)

  1. Select “Push Notifications” (required, regardless of whether or not it will be used).

  2. [OPTIONAL] Enable “NFC Tag Reading” only if it will be used.

  3. “Game Center” and “In-App Purchase” are always enabled.

Create a “iOS Distribution” certificate

  • If you have already created a certificate for a separate iOS application, this step does not need to be repeated. Only one distribution certificate is required per developer account (and can be used for multiple apps), but multiple are allowed. This has to be renewed every year.

  • Select “iOS Distribution”

  • Upload a Certificate Signing Request:

    • In OXIDE, trigger the Create iOS container private key CSR action and upload the generated .csr file

  • Download the Certificate

Create an “App Store” (provisioning) profile.

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