Common Troubleshooting Pointers

Simple vs Advanced Mode

If you are missing certain actions or functionality in OXIDE, ensure you are in OXIDE's Advanced mode. You can run the Switch to advanced mode action or toggle the Advanced workspace management setting:

CTRL+. keyboard shortcut stops working

When a keyboard shortcut stops working, try to reset your shortcuts from the Settings workspace in OXIDE.

If the CTRL+. shortcut (to hop between XML attributes) stops working and you are using the AdBlock browser extension, that could be the cause. AdBlock adds a shortcut to your browser to Pause/Resume on all sites, and by default that shortcut is CTRL+. on Windows (CMD+. on MacOS).

To remove or change the shortcut, follow these instructions.

An app fails to load in OXIDE

When an app fails to load in OXIDE and the console throws an error similar to the below, you may have run into a known issue where your app's serialized workspace settings are in a broken state.

Try running the following to resolve this:

  1. In your browser's URL bar add "#reset-serializers" to the end of your app's URL, e.g.:{org_id}/app/{app_id}#reset-serializers

  2. Refresh the browser since adding this to an existing URL will not trigger a reload

    1. This should load the default workspace.

    2. The hash will be removed from the URL after 5 seconds

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