Limit and Skip

This parameter allows you to control the number of objects that are retrieved in a request.

Relative URLHTTP Request Method





  • Replace model with the type of object that you wish to retrieve (as defined in your app's Data Model) for example person, job or asset.

  • Replace x and y with integers.


skip and limit parameters are specified as non-negative integer values.


The response will contain a list of objects numbering no more than the limit, and offset by the value of skip. For example, limit=10&skip=10 will skip the first ten objects and return no more than ten objects, i.e. the eleventh through the twentieth.



The below examples contain a BASE-URL placeholder. Please refer to the HTTP Endpoints section to get the base URL relevant to your deployment.

Retrieve the 5th page of 10 objects:

GET BASE-URL/api/v4/533bda53027894f69b001055/objects/tasks.json?limit=10&skip=40

Retrieve the five most recently modified objects:

GET BASE-URL/api/v4/533bda53027894f69b001055/objects/tasks.json?limit=5&sort[updated_at]=desc

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