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menu (deprecated)

menu is considered deprecated
Support for menu may be dropped in a future release. Please use button-group (button v3) without menu, or the list component, to ensure that your app remains compatible with the latest versions of the JourneyApps Runtime.
This component can be used to group similar actions, but for menus or any kind of navigation the suggested component to use is a list.
<button label="Search for Item" subtext="Search through items by name" icon="icons/search-icon.png" />
<button label="List All Items" subtext="View list of all items" icon="icons/checklist2.png" />


Controls whether the component is hidden or shown. The argument specified to show-if can either be a literal boolean value (true or false), or it can specify a variable, parameter or field that can be a string, number, object, etc. that evaluates to false or evaluates to true. If the component also specifies required="true", but it is hidden, the validation will be ignored/skipped.
The opposite of show-if (see above).

Nested Tags — button

Please refer to the menu button section of the button component for details about the configuration of the buttons in the menu.