dialog (deprecated)

dialog() is considered deprecated
Support for the dialog() alert dialogs may be dropped in future versions of the JourneyApps Runtime. Please upgrade your app to use journey.dialog.simple to ensure that your app remains compatible with the JourneyApps Runtime.
These docs describe dialogs called from JavaScript/TypeScript. For more fully featured, dynamic dialogs, please refer to the dialog UI component docs. These dialogs are specified from the view XML and can include nested components.

Simple Alert Dialog

If you provide one argument to dialog(), a dialog will be shown with only a message:
dialog("Displaying some information");

Alert Dialog with a Title

To display a dialog with a title and message, provide two arguments to dialog(). The first parameter is the title, the second is the message:
dialog("This is a dialog", "Displaying some information");

Customizing the dialog's button

The ability to customize a dialog's button was introduced in version 4.50 of the JourneyApps Container.
The third parameter is the button of the dialog, which can either be a string or an object with text and color as fields.
dialog("Title", "Message", "Save");
dialog("Title", "Message", { text: "Save", color: "positive" })